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Do you feel claustrophobic and trapped in a cocoon when sleeping in a sleeping bag? Sleeping bags are designed to provide maximum warmth. That is why it is so restrictive as it is easier to retain heat if the space is small. This is probably fine if you normally sleep on your back and straight like a rod. For those who are looking for a bit more sleeping positions freedom, the Sleeping Bag Suit may be what you are looking for.

The Sleeping Bag Suit from Naturehike has a outer shell constructed from 320D nylon fabric with 240T poly pongee lining on the inside. Pongee is a thin woven cloth made from silk and is well known for its thermal regulation properties. It keeps you warm when it is cold and keeps you cool when it is hot. The space in between in filled with cotton. It is design for temperatures as low as 50º F (10º C).

The unique feature of the Sleeping Bag Suit is that the lower end of the bag can be split apart which allows freedom of movement for your legs. This means that you can actually walk around in your sleeping bag without getting out of it. Very useful if you need to take a pee in the middle of the night.

There isn’t a similar feature for your arms but there are a couple of zippered openings at the upper half for you to slip your arms through. While your arms won’t be as warm and cozy like your legs, you do have the option to leave them out for unrestricted arm movement or zip up for more warmth.

If you are feeling lonely or need more body warmth, you can zip up two Sleeping Bag Suits together to create a double sleeping bag.

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