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Fitted sheets were invented in the 1950s and since then they are the bedsheet of choice for bottom sheets. They are easy to put on the bed and crease very little. It is also one less thing to worry about when making up the bed in the morning. Fitted sheets are great compared to flat sheets but anyone who has to change the fitted sheets on a bed that is tucked in a corner, or on bunk beds will know that they are far from perfect. It took more than 60 years but the next evolution in bedsheet innovation is finally here and it is called the QuickZip.

The idea of the QuickZip is deceptively simple. It is another one of those, “Why no one thought of this sooner?” kinda product. This innovative bedsheet consists of two parts, a base sheet and a top Zip-On sheet. The base sheet is like an upside down fitted sheet as it fits over the bottom of the mattress and around the sides. The Zip-On sheet covers the top of the mattress and it is secured to the base sheet with a zipper that goes around all four sides.

To change the sheets, all you have to do is unzip and remove the Zip-On sheet and replace it with a clean sheet. The base sheet stays on the mattress. It is a whole lot simpler and faster to unzip and zip back a clean sheet compared to struggling to fit in a fitted sheet on bunk beds and trundle beds. Since the sheet covers the mattress completely, it never pops off no matter how what.

The QuickZip were first made available for baby cribs which also requires a struggle when changing sheets without completely removing the mattress from the crib. The design of the sheet that completely envelopes the mattress makes it a far safer option than fitted sheets. The QuickZip for cribs were so popular, there was soon demand for it for normal sized beds.

Last but not least, if you, like 99% of the population, find it impossible to fold a fitted sheet properly, the QuickZip puts an end to this age old problem that has existed since the 1950s.
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