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Swimming is an enjoyable form of exercise, if you are a good swimmer that is. For most swimming beginners, the anxiety of being able to breathe properly always gets in the way of learning the swimming strokes. With the Powerbreather, you no longer have to worry about catching your breath and just concentrate on getting your strokes right.

The Powerbreather has a rather unique design and looks very different from a normal snorkel. It has two breathing tubes that go past the sides of your head. It kinda reminds us of Antman’s headgear in the recent Marvel movie. It lets you breathe with your head under the water like a snorkel but it is designed with a swimmer in mind.

What makes the Powerbreather different besides its looks is that unlike a normal snorkel, only fresh air from the outside enters through the breathing tubes. The air that you exhale is expelled through the mouthpiece through a valve and directly into the water. With the conventional design that has exhaled air moving through the same tube, when you inhale, the air has a mixture of both fresh air and stale air that is high in carbon dioxide. You get less oxygen and during long swimming sessions, this may result in cramps and even numbness.

Water is kept out of the breathing tubes with the help of diffusers. With add-on accessories, it is even possible to do a flip-turn with the Powerbreather without water entering the tubes. Breathing without the fear of choking on water is also important for beginners.

The Powerbreather is not just aimed at beginners. For experienced swimmers, it is great for improving strength, lung function and technique. You get air with high oxygen content with every breath and you can concentrate on propulsion without having to turn your head to breathe. There are also add-on accessories to help you adjust breathing resistances.

It is also great for snorkeling as you don’t have to blow out the water from the tube after you surface and before you can take in your first breath. The tubes are always dry even when underwater.

This snorkel has a one size fits all design. It has an adjustable head strap that keeps the snorkel in place while you swim. All you have to do is slip the strap over your head and turn the adjusting knob until you get an optimal fit.
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