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Remember the days when you stashed your porn mag collection in a show box to keep them away from your kid brother? You can now relive your porn stashing glory days with the Mandem Safe.

The Mandem Safe isn’t actually ready for sale yet but there is a lot of interest on it. We think that it must be the fact that the sneaker shoebox is the valuables storage place of choice for all rappers. You would think that since they rap about it all the time, that would be the first place to look if you were to rob them. Just saying.

Mandem Safe (2)

Fortunately, the Mandem Safe isn’t just any shoebox. Although it looks like a Nike Air Max 1 Premium shoebox on the outside, inside, this shoebox safe is made from 5mm steel plates with a cam lock. And to make sure that no one carries the entire safe away, it has pre-drilled holes for floor mounting. Just bolt it to the floor of your wardrobe and it is the perfect hiding space for all your valuables.

It is as big as a 9.5UK shoebox which should hold plenty including cash, your prized watch and from the promo photo, even Nando’s infamous High 5 Black Card.

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