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Ringtool is the Alternative to Lugging a Full Size Tool Kit

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The Ringtool was original conceived as a handy multi-tool for cyclists but users have found it to be a useful tool in many other situations as well. This compact multi-tool can be conviniently added to your keyring. This makes it an always available tool for any emergency situation or minor repairs.

An important prerequisite for any multi-tool is that it has to be light but strong. The Ringtool is made from a special grade a stainless steel that let it pass this test with flying colors. In fact, the makers of the Ringtool are so confident of its durability, it actually comes with a lifetime warranty.

The Ringtool is shaped like a ring with 8 different tools mounted along the outside edge if the ring. You have 5 different hex drivers ranging from 3mm to 8mm. The 3 remaining tools are a flat head screwdriver, a phillips driver and lastly, a T25 Torxhead driver. For the cyclists, there are also a couple of spoke wrenches for .130″ and .136″ nipples. Last but not least, no multi-tool worth its salt is complete without a bottle cap opener.

Cyclists will find the Ringtool ideal for simple tasks like adjusting the height of the seat, adjusting the bar or tightening the stem of the bike. It does not have chain tools to perform more complicated tasks but that may be too much to ask for a tool that dangles from your keyring.
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Do more. Carry less. Ringtool was conceived as an ultra-light solution for cyclist commuters, but its applications extend far beyond the biking community.

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