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The hourglass is probably one of the most unique and greatest inventions of man. Although the modern watches and clocks have long replaced the hourglass as a timing device, many of us still find watching sand flowing down the hourglass strangely fascinating. If you like the hourglass, you will probably love the Bubble Hourglass.

Unlike your usual sand hourglasses, the hand-blown Timer Bubble Hourglass is different because instead of sand, it contains a soapy liquid with bubbles that rises up instead of sand going down. Replacing sand with the soapy liquid defies the laws of gravity and since it reminds us of sand going back up an hourglass, it also feels like going back in time.

Designed by Norihiko Teyama, the Bubble Hourglass works in a different manner than the traditional hourglass. Instead of helping you keep track of time, this hourglass will probably just end up wasting your time. So if you find yourself bored at work, this hourglass can be a great source of distraction.

This may seem like a bad thing but you can always tell yourself that it is great for de-stressing. Before you know it, minute by minute, those boring hours at the office will disappear and before you realize it, your day in the office is over. It’s kinda like a time machine.

So how does the Bubble Hourglass work? The hand blown glass jar is filled with soapy water, sealed, and shaken up. Simple but effective.

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