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A Head-Up Display or HUD is a way for displaying data in a user’s field of vision for easy viewing without the user looking away from his usual viewpoint. It is a system pioneered for use in military aviation (think jet fighter pilots) but it is also something that most video gamers are familiar with. Some luxury cars have similar HUD displays or you can add one to your car for more than a thousand dollars. Or you can save yourself a thousand by getting the Hudway Glass.

The Hudway Glass is an affordable HUD system that works with any car. In fact, you can set it up in your car in just seconds. While it looks nothing more than just a phone holder with a piece of reflective glass, there is much more to it than meets the eye.

The glass piece is actually made of plastic with a special coating. The glass reflects the image from the phone display that is placed on the holder. It slightly enlarges the image about 20% but at the same time, it does not distort the view behind the glass. What you get is images from your phone superimposed over your view of the road.

It is a very cool effect and it promotes safety as you don’t have to take your eyes off the road as you glance at information from your phone. The Hudway Glass works in both broad daylight as well as at night.

Not all apps support the Hudway Glass but the number of apps that do are increasing. The reason is that the view on the glass is a mirror image of what is on your phone. To get a proper view, the app has to display a mirror image so that a proper image is shown on the HUD display. Apps that support the device has a mode that is known as HUD mode.

At the moment apps that have support include GPS navigation apps, speedometer apps and speed camera apps. The navigation app that show the road curves ahead is pretty awesome especially when driving in low visibility.
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