Did you just update to a brand new iPhone5 or iOS device that uses the new lightning port? Did that just render your speakers or audio device with the older 30 pin dock useless without an adapter? Even if you can get a lightning to 30 pin dock adapter, it may not fit or it might be an unwieldy fit. Do you need to replace your speakers or audio device? Wait. Just get the BrightPlay iPhone Bluetooth Audio Receiver/Adapter.

The  BrightPlay iPhone Bluetooth Audio Receiver/Adapter is a 30 pin Bluetooth Audio Receiver that plugs into any existing 30 pin dock device. You then pair your iPhone or iPad to the BrightPlay via Bluetooth and your old speakers or audio device now works with your brand new iPhone or iPad. Actually it is even better now since you no longer have to leave your device attached to the dock. You can bring your player along with you and control music playback remotely.

The  BrightPlay iPhone Bluetooth Audio Receiver/Adapter is not just limited to the new Apple devices. It can support any audio player that has Bluetooth support including the older Apple devices as well as Android devices. Yes, you can now blasphemously use Android devices with a speaker built for Apple devices.

The best thing is that it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to keep using your perfectly working speakers with your new phone. The only limitation is that it does not support digital audio docking stations.


Where to Buy BrightPlay iPhone Bluetooth Adapter


BrightPlay iPhone Bluetooth Adapter

The Brightech SmartPlay Bluetooth 30 Pin Audio Receiver simply plugs into any ordinary Iphone/Ipod docking station and turns it into a wireless Bluetooth docking station.

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