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The RocknRoller Multi-Cart R2RT is a transformable utility cart that anyone who has to frequently move equipment or materials around should seriously consider getting. It you are tired of making multiple trips to your vehicle to transport all your stuff, this lightweight and very versatile cart will let you do it all in a single trip.

Not only is the RocknRoller Multi-Cart R2RT extremely lightweight at only 15.4 lbs, it folds down to only 26 x 14 x 6.5 inches. It will easily fit into the trunk of a car or even in the overhead bin in an airplane. Don’t let its small size fool you as this little wonder can hold up to 350 lbs.

The R2RT cart’s bed frame can also expand from its original 26 inch length to 39 inches and anywhere in between. Easy to use thumb screws let you lock the bed frame length in place. It has handles on both ends that can be lowered or raised depending on the configuration. The RocknRoller Multi-Cart R2RT can transform into one of 8 different modes depending on your need:

  1. Storage transport
  2. Short dolly
  3. Short platform cart
  4. Short high stacker
  5. Long dolly
  6. Long platform cart
  7. Long high stacker
  8. Hand truck

The R2RT is equipped with R-Trac wheels with brakes. These wheels have a no flat design and they provide a smooth ride with excellent traction similar to pneumatic tires. The wheels are large enough to easily go over gravel, dirt and sand.

The cart has a number of optional add-ons that increases its versatility further. A solid deck can be added to either add a flat bottom or mounted higher for an additional storage level. Another option, a 2-tier multi media shelf, turns the cart into a desktop.

The RocknRoller Multi-Cart R2RT is a great utility cart for use in offices and warehouses or even around the house. Musicians and photographers will find it great for hauling their equipment around. It is perfect for trade shows where you can use it to transport equipment as well as turn it into a display table with the optional add-on shelf.

The RocknRoller Multi-Cart is also available in different sizes with different maximum loads and different wheel sizes.
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