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Statistics show that Apple is currently the second biggest smartphone vendor in the world, with more than 230 million units sold last 2015. This is a huge increase compared to just over 169 million in 2014.

The iPhone 6 is among the top performers, with companies like O2 seeing user ratings on the smart phone reach 4.3 out of 5 from over 900 reviews. Given such large quantity of units sold, however, any issue that arises could potentially mean a high number of frustrated users as well.

One of the most common complaints of iPhone users is battery life. With moderate use, the device barely lasts a full day on a single charge, let alone with heavy usage. And for the iPhone 6, even with upgrades like its chipset from A7 to A8, which increased energy efficiency by 50%, the device’s power still seems insufficient for the majority of users.

When the iOS 9 update was released, things got even worse. Some users expressed their dismay on social media, through posts and tweets like “iOS 9.3.2 ugh battery is draining like crazy”.

Although power banks are there to help your smartphone regain some power even when you’re away from an electrical outlet, often, it doesn’t look aesthetically good.

But with the Anker Ultra Slim Case, you no longer need to think about your handset’s aesthetic or your battery draining quickly as the accessory works as a regular casing for the iPhone to keep it safe from bumps and drops as well as a power source when the battery runs out.

The Anker Ultra Slim Case was affirmed by a business magazine as the best battery case for the iPhone 6. It can give more than one full charge, peaking at around 120%.

The case packs a 2,850mAh battery, which is around 1,000mAh more powerful than the battery of the iPhone 6 itself. This amount of juice can give users additional 12 hours web browsing or 3 hours 3D gaming or 13 hours video playback.

According to a mobile electronics news outlet, this battery case is rated Media’s #1, being recommended by other reputable publications such as Time Magazine and The Wall Street Journal. Furthermore, it is Apple MFi Certified, which means it has complete compatibility with the iPhone 6. You can charge, sync or transfer data via the included micro USB cable even with the case on.

The battery case is also slim and lightweight, adding just 0.23in and 2.9oz, respectively, to the phone. It has a matte finish so the phone won’t slip while the owner is holding it or if the phone was left on smooth surfaces.

The Anker Ultra Slim Case comes with the aforementioned micro USB cable, user guide, and an audio jack extender. It also retails at just $40, with an additional 18-month warranty for consumers.

At the end of the day, it’s still about how you use your device whether you may need additional power or not. Luckily for those who do, there are battery cases like Anker Ultra Slim Case to help users handle the familiar situation of seeing that red battery level indicator.

Written by Cicely Alize exclusively for GetdatGadget
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