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If you have ever played with Lego or any other similar modular building blocks as a child (or are still playing as an adult like us), you will no doubt know about the versatility of this simple but utterly fascinating toy. However, did you know that it is possible to put together two pieces of the standard 8 stud (2 x 4) Lego bricks in 24 different ways? And if you have 6 of them, this number jumps to a mind boggling 915 million? Have you ever wondered why no one made lifesize versions of the Lego blocks and used it for actual construction? Well, they have and the product is called Everblocks.

Like Lego, Everblocks are made from sturdy plastic, they come in a variety of colors and they have different sizes as well. The full size block is equivalent to the standard 8 stud 2 by 4 block. There is also a half size 2 by 2 block and a quarter size 1 by 2 block. Last but not least, there is a Finishing Cap block that is thinner and has a smooth top. If you are familiar with Lego, this is similar to a 2 by 4 tile.

Constructing with Everblocks is just like building with Lego except that everything is bigger. You just stack them up and they interlock with each other. There is no adhesive or special tool required to put them together. You can built walls, partitions and even whole rooms out of Everblocks. The variety of colors and different block sizes available gives you quite a lot of versatility with your creation.

Another great way to make use of Everblocks is to build custom sized and truly unique looking furniture like tables, desks and bookshelves. The most unique aspect of modular construction blocks is of course you can take them apart and reuse the parts to build something else or rebuild somewhere else. That is why Everblocks are also being used for modular exhibits and retail displays.

Just because the blocks are adult size it doesn’t mean that only the adults get to have fun. Everblocks can be used to construct fun toys like a custom play house. With a little imagination and a few extra blocks, the play house can be turned into a castle for a princess or a pirate ship.

Only need Everblocks for a specific occasion? No problem. You can rent instead of buying them. Everblock, the company, even provides design and installation services but we all know that the most fun part about construction blocks is the designing and building parts. So why pay Everblock and let them have all the fun?
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