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The smartphone or tablet has taken over as the “go-to” tool of choice for many or our every tasks in our daily lives. It is our communication tool, our camera, our entertainment center, our source of news and much, much, more. Undoubtedly, many rely on it for taking notes and setting reminders. However, if you miss putting a real pen on real paper and long for the days of planners and journals, you should take a look at The Mont Notebook.

The Mont Notebook is not just any notebook. It is the notebook on steroids. It has your usual blank and lined pages. It also has a calendar plus weekly and monthly planner pages to help you organize your day. But it also has grid paper, dot grid paper, isometric graph, cartesian graph, perforated pages, color pages, sticky notes and even whiteboard pages. It more or less covers your every need if you ever wish to put pen to paper.

Those who still prefer putting their ideas on paper or the creative types who love to doodle will love the creative freedom that The Mont Notebook allows. The designers, MintMug Products, has done a lot of research and study on what people want in a modern day notebook. A lot of surveys and countless prototypes were tested before settling on the final design.

Besides the different page types, The Mont Notebook also has numerous add-ons and optional features. These add-ons and features are not included with the most basic version of the notebook. Some are made available with the mid-range Dreamer series while others are only included in the premium Elite series. These add-ons include a credit card sized USB flash drive, a solar calculator and a 2-in-1 pen among others.

The Mont Notebook is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter and they have already hit their $5000 target funding after just slightly more than a day.
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