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Carmazzi 1Bag Modular Bag System

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Carmazzi 1Bag

The modular design concept is an approach that combines smaller parts or modules into a bigger system. The modules that make up the bigger system are interchangeable and usually customizable. This concept is used in designs such as modular furniture and in building construction. There are even plans to make modular phones where you can mix and match the phone features that you want. Carmazzi takes the modular concept and apply it to bags to create the Carmazzi 1Bag Modular Bag System. All of the bags in the image above are created using this system.

Carmazzi 1Bag

How many bags do you own? Most people will have at least a document or a laptop bag for work, a backpack or knapsack for light travel, a sports bag for the gym, a roller luggage bag and perhaps a sling bag as well. The Carmazzi 1Bag Modular Bag System allows you to create all of these bags plus an infinite variation of other bags. It does this by breaking down the bag into its most basic modules – panels, inner pockets, outer pockets, dividers, straps, expander sections, wheels, push handles, etc. Using these modules, you can customize your bag with all the modules and just the modules that you need.

Carmazzi 1Bag

For example, if you are travelling abroad, you may want to include the tablet, toiletries and passport pockets or the travel expander and wheeled carrier to create more space and to make it easy to drag it around. However, if you are just going for an overnight trip, you might want to shrink it down a bit and replace the wheels with a pair of back pack straps. Last but not least, if you are heading to the local coffee joint and would like to get some work done, you can replace the back pack straps with a simple shoulder strap. There is even a power pocket option that adds a 20,000 mAh rechargeable battery pack that can power your laptop, tablet and phones.

Carmazzi 1Bag

The most amazing thing about the Carmazzi 1Bag is that you can configure your bag anytime, anywhere. Customize a luggage bag with a lot of storage space when you are on a business trip. Once you are at your destination, you can break down the bag and customize a laptop bag for your business meeting using just the modules that you need. Now you only need one bag when you travel.

Carmazzi 1Bag

Carmazzi has just launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise money and make the 1Bag a reality. There are dozens of ways for you to contribute to the Carmazzi 1Bag. You can mix and match individual modules from the 1Bag system or you can pledge for pre-configured sets.

The Indiegogo campaign is currently scheduled to end on May 4 2014. Carmazzi is targeting to raise at least $60,000 with a variety of freebies offered to supporters as stretched goals.

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