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Hardcase luggage bags provide the best protection possible for your stuff. If you have anything remotely fragile you need to carry in your luggage, your best bet is to use a hardcase. That is why most air travelers still use hardcases as baggage handlers are not generally known for their gentleness when doing their work. However, hardcases become a huge burden when you don’t have an even surface to roll it on. This is where the RucPac Hardcase Backpack Conversion comes in handy. It basically allows you to easily convert almost any wheeled hardcase into a backpack. With it, you can carry your hardcase like a backpack and thus freeing your hands,

Sometimes, we just cannot avoid using a hardcase especially if you need to transport fragile items like photography equipment for example. Unfortunately, traveling doesn’t always involve getting straight from the airport to the doorstep of your hotel in a comfy cab. What if you have to rely on public transport or walk part of the way? It would be much easier if you can just strap on your hardcase like a backpack when you need to. The RucPac was invented by someone who had this same idea. Converting your hardcase is as easy as attaching a few straps over the top handle and securing a couple more to the hardcase’s rolling wheels at the bottom. You don’t need any tools and all it takes is less than 5 minutes.

If you need to wheel your hardcase, just detach the 2 straps around the wheels to free them up. If you don’t mind having the RucPac semi-permanently attached to your hardcase, you can attach the 2 bottom straps to the bottom of the hardcase using the plastic piece that secures the wheels to the hardcase. This is something that we learned from one of the user reviews on Amazon. Doing this does require using tools to remove a few screws, However, it makes it really convenient to switch between rolling hardcase to easy-to-lug backpack.

I have seen other products that provide similar functionality but none of them allow access to the hardcase while the straps are in place. Since the straps that attach the RucPac to the hardcase does not go around the case itself, you can still open and close the case without detaching the RucPac itself. This is a huge plus in my opinion.

There is one other problem that I found from using the RucPac that you should be aware of. While the provided straps are wide and have sufficient cushioning to evenly distribute the weight, there is no cushioning for your back. The hard plastic surface will be rubbing against you when you have it on your back. This is not such a big problem if you are only backpacking for short periods. Otherwise, you may want to look for a way to add a bit of cushioning between your back and your hardcase.

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