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If I have to wear a piece of jewelry on my finger, let it be this one, the Ceramic Horizon NFC Ring. After all, if something needs to sit on my finger 24 x 7, it might as well as other useful function other than just sitting pretty. This high tech piece of jewelry contains not one but two special programmable NFC tags that you can do all kinds of cool stuff.

In case you are not familiar with NFC technology, it stands for Near-Field Communication. It is a method of data communication by just putting two NFC enabled devices close together. It is being used in lots of areas but the most common are probably the touch cards you use for opening doors and credit cards that can make payment by just touching the payment terminal. What you may not know is that many Android phones (Apple is surprisingly a little behind on this) also have NFC capabilities built-in.

The Ceramic Horizon NFC Ring is a programmable NFC device. That means that you can use an NFC enabled smartphone and use it to program the NFC tag on the ring. One use for this is to use it as a personal identifier for security. You can set your ring to unlock your phone or to open an NFC security door. If you have NFC smart home system installed, you can automate all kinds of stuff with the ring like turning on lights, play your favorite playlist and set the right temperature all with a single touch.

On a smaller scale, you can automate your phone by muting the speakers and set the alarm for the next morning just before you go to sleep. Or you can set your phone to turn on Bluetooth and start Google Maps each time you get in your car. All these cool automation can be done using NFC and just tapping the Ceramic Horizon NFC Ring on your phone.

If you are doing business, imagine how cool it would be to save your business card details in the Ceramic Horizon NFC Ring. The next time you want to share your contact details, all you have to do is touch your business associate’s phone and your details gets instantly saved on their phone.

The Ceramic Horizon NFC Ring does cost a bit more than other NFC enabled rings. Part of the reason is that the quality of the ring is really high and the other reason is that this ring has 2 embedded NFC tags. By twisting the ring around your finger you can select which function you want to activate.

What you can do with the Ceramic Horizon NFC Ring is probably only limited by your imagination. It is certainly the one ring that rules all.
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