Don’t Let Your Wallet be a Pain in Your Ass


The Alpine Swiss Leather Money Clip is a wallet designed to be stored in your pants’ front pocket. It is just another way of saying that it is a slim or minimalist wallet. We have featured quite a few slim wallets but we really like the look and quality of the Alpine Swiss Leather Money Clip.

First of all, it is made from genuine lambskin leather and definitely smells of it too. It has 3 card slots plus another slot for an ID card that has a window, perfect for flashing that ID without removing it from the wallet.

The Alpine Swiss Leather Money Clip has a magnet clip for holding some bills. You can even use the magnet clip to stick your wallet to your refrigerator for storage. Just make sure that you have housemates that you can trust.

Last but not least, the Alpine Swiss Leather Money Clip doesn’t slim down your current wallet because it costs a bomb. In fact, it costs a fraction of those minimalist wallets from those crowd sourcing sites and you don’t have to wait months for it to arrive.



Where to Buy Alpine Swiss Leather Money Clip Front Pocket Wallet


Alpine Swiss Leather Money Clip Front Pocket Wallet

Give the Alpine Swiss Leather Money Clip front pocket wallet a try you will never go back to your big fat wallet again.

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