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If you love steampunk, the sci-fi sub genre that combines modern day technology with 19th century style industrial designs, you will definitely love the Gaslight Lantern. Glow in the dark key fobs are not new of course but throw in a mysterious glowing vial encased in a beautifully designed and intricate metal cage and you have a highly sought after keychain by all steampunk aficionados.

Despite its name, the Gaslight Lantern is not powered by gas (although it would be really cool if it was).  The glowing core is made from Embrite, also known as glow resin on steroids. This stuff glows longer and brighter than other glow in the dark substances. However, it does need to be “charged” using any light source although UV light or natural sunlight is best.

If charging is not your style, there will be an option to swap the Embrite vial for one that is powered by Tritium. Tritium is not as bright as Embrite but it glows perpetually without the need to be charged using a light source.

One recommended use for the Gaslight Lantern’s glow feature is to attach it to your bunch of keys so that it is easier to find in a backpack or handbag. So leave it out to soak in some light during the day and when you throw it in your bag at the end of the bag, the fob will be glowing brightly when you need to look for your keys later on. Other uses for the Gaslight Lantern include as a zipper pull or decorative locator.

The Embrite resin is available with either a green or blue glow while the enclosures are available in a variety of finishing shades such as brass and titanium. If you have multiple fobs, you can mix and match the components around creating a unique version of the Gaslight Lantern.

The Gaslight Lantern is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter and at the time of posting, it has already raised more than double its funding goal of $18,000. To get your very own unique one-of-a-kind steampunk glowing keychain, head on over to the campaign page right now.
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