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Ever tried putting together your very own talk show, cooking show or instructional video? They probably end up looking like one of the millions of self-made videos that you see on YouTube that look dull and uninteresting. Why don’t they look as good as those professionally shot ones you see on TV? Of course the pro videos have huge budgets and a lot more resources. But a huge part of it is because of the multiple cameras used which allow for different POVs and close ups. Now, it is possible for you to produce videos that closely matches what you see on TV with just an iPhone or iPad and the Mevo Live Event Camera.

The Mevo Live Event Camera is a single 4K camera that takes the place of multiple cameras. It has a wide angle 150º lens that allows you to capture the big picture. The magic happens in the included app. The app allows you to be in the director’s chair and control everything. It is like calling all the shots in a TV studio. The app keeps track of all actors or performers plus it has automatic movement detection. With the tap of a finger, you can zoom in for a close-up of the action or facial expression. You can also leave the Mevo in auto mode and let it decide how it should edit your shots and video together but for the best results, someone should manually call the shots.

The app will automatically track movements like an actual cameraman so you can just concentrate on picking the shots that you want. You can create cuts between shots, zoom in and out or pan across the screen on the touch screen. All the editing can be done live and automatically becomes a part of the final cut. Filters can also be applied to get the kind of look that you want.

Mevo supports live streaming either via Livestream or Facebook Live. Alternatively, you can take your own time to really brush up and edit the video to perfection before sharing it later. The choice is yours.

Take note that while the Mevo has a 4K camera sensor and captures video in 4K 3840 x 2160 pixels resolution, the video output is only 720p. The is because the app appropriates a multi camera shoot by using just a single camera. It has to digitally zoom in and reduce the resolution for the shots. While this may sound like a huge bummer but since this camera is aimed at those broadcasting on the internet and most likely viewed on a mobile device, the drop in video quality is not a huge issue.

Last but not least, the Mevo Live Event Camera has a built-in rechargeable battery so that you can broadcast on the go. The battery only lasts for about 1 hour of continuous shooting. For longer shoots, you can always plug in a power bank or cough up for the Mevo Boost that adds 10 hours of shooting to keep the camera going longer.
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