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Refrigerator Door Lock Restricts Access to the Fridge

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The promotional material for the Muin Refrigerator Door Lock mainly promotes preventing access by toddlers. But we all know the main reason why anyone would install a lock on a refrigerator. To prevent pesky housemates from stealing our food of course!

The Refrigerator Door Lock is easy to install and use. It works on fridges with a single door, top and bottom doors as well as those with side by side doors. There are 2 disks with adhesive tape. You stick one of the disks on the edge of the door. And you stick the other either on the side of the fridge or on the other door edge for a side by side model. Unfortunately, it means if you have the top and bottom version, you need two sets of locks to be 100% safe.

It is possible to operate the lock single handedly. This is important for quick midnight raids. You don’t want your housemate to sneak past you while you are busy freeing your hands.
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Where to Buy MUIN Refrigerator Door Lock

MUIN Refrigerator Door Lock is perfect for protecting the contents of your fridge. Ideal for schools and hospitals, as well as home use.

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