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BedJet is the new revolutionary temperature control product that is designed for your bed. Unlike your electric blanket, this climate control device blows chilled or warm air directly to the space between the upper and lower bedsheets. Just place the BedJet at the foot of your bed and let the powerful blowers envelope you in a perfect temperature air cocoon in just under 3 minutes.

However, the BedJet is much more than just a simple temperature control device that blows hot or cold air under your sheets. It actually connects to an app on your smartphone and uses sleep inducing biorhythm temperature technology to let you sleep better. That sounds like a lot of science mambo jumbo. What it actually means is that BedJet will adjust the temperature throughout the night the help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer and wake up feeling refreshed without the need of an alarm clock.

Have you ever woke up in the middle of the night because it got too warm and you have to kick off the covers? How about waking up shortly after that because suddenly it felt too cold? Most of the time, it is not your AC or thermostat at fault. Your body temperature naturally drops and rises throughout the night. BedJet monitors your sleep pattern and adjusts the temperature accordingly so that you will never feel too hot or too cold. No more interrupted sleep throughout the night. And when it is time to wake up, BedJet gradually warms you up which has the same effect as bright sunlight filling a bedroom.

The other problem that BedJet solves is sleeping partners who have different temperature preferences. If you have to compromise with the temperature settings because you think it is too cold but your partner feels it is too warm, you can now each have your own preferred temperature setting with the BedJet. With 2 BedJets, each sleeper can have his or her own temperature setting on a single bed. Each sleeper can also wake up according to his or preferred time without disturbing the other with a noisy alarm clock.

BedJet also saves you money by lowering your energy bill. You no longer have to cool or warm up an entire room. Only a fraction of the space which is under your covers needs to be heated up or cooled down. Since temperature control is limited to such a small space, your bed can get cooled down within seconds while heating up a large king sized bed will only take less than 180 seconds. BedJet is also much safer compared to an electric blanket as there are no electrical wires laying right across your body.
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