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What is your usual solution for your laundry needs when you are traveling? For most it is either the laundromat or the bathroom sink unless of course if you are on business travel. Then you can probably use the hotel service and charge it to your travel expenses. Now there is another option available to you. It is called Laundreez and it is best described as a portable clothes washer. We prefer to call it our travel washing machine.

What the Laundreez actually is in reality is a dry bag that has been adapted to be used as a wash bag. To make it easy to fill the bag with water or to pour out the wash water while keeping the clothes in the bag, the Laundreez bag has a screw cap. The bag is large enough to hold one person’s laundry items for a whole day.

To use, all you have to do is open up the bag at the top. Insert both the items for washing and pour in detergent. Fold down the bag and seal it securely with the clip at the top of the bag. Then fill the bag with warm water through the screw cap opening. You can either leave your clothes to soak in the bag or massage the clothes through the bag to provide some additional cleaning power.

Empty the water and refill with clean water to give it a good rinse. You may repeat if necessary until all the soap has been dispersed. You can now hang out your clothes to dry. Compared to using the sink, Laundreez is faster, more convenient, requires less water plus you don’t have to occupy the sink while washing or soaking.

When not in use, the Laundreez bag can be folded up to fit compactly into any luggage bag or backpack. Actually, you don’t have to store  it as the bag can be used for a number of other uses. It can be used as a dry bags for keeping your valuables and electronics dry. You can use it to transport washed clothes that are still damp. And since it is waterproof, you can use it as a water bag or a cool bag to hold your favorite canned or bottled drinks with ice.

Laundreez is the ideal clothes washing solution for your next holiday trip.
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