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Snea-Key Fob: Secret Stash in a Car Key

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Need a secret stash you can easily access at any time? How about sneaking in stuff into a music festival or dance club? Now, we have your attention, don’t we? The Snea-Key Fob is a great little hidden stash disguised as a very popular key fob. It blends in easily with the rest of your gear. And it can easily pass most casual inspections.

The idea of disguising a hidden compartment using a key fob is actually quite brilliant. The key fob is a fairly large and roomy device. And it is something common most people have with them. The Snea-Key Fob snaps together and you open it by twisting a key or coin between the two halves. The two halves stay together when opened. This prevents you from losing either half while accessing your secret stash.

The storage space inside the fob measures roughly 1″x 0.5″x 2″. There is enough space to store pills, bills, SIM card, and other small items.

There is one small problem with this fake key fob though. That is if you are already carrying a real key fob with you. You might want to think of a good answer if you get asked why you carry two.
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The Snea-Key Fob is ideal for people who want a portable stash that will guarantee privacy and peace of mind. Keep your valuables hidden from prying eyes.

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