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How would like to confidently walk on most icy surfaces without fear of slipping? Unless you are wearing footwear with metal spike soles, you would most probably say it is impossible. After years of working on a high tech compound known as Arctic Grip, Vibram has actually made this possible. Shoes with Arctic Grip literally stick on ice to give you 3X better grip on wet ice and slippery surfaces than other outsoles.

Vibram are also the same folks that came up with the Icetrek sole which is designed for walking on dry ice. But as anyone can tell you, walking on wet ice is a whole different matter. Vibram did a series a live tests in a few US cities to let people try out the new technology for themselves. The result was nothing short of amazing. Not only do Arctic Grip equipped shoes provide much better grip when walking on a sloped and wet icy surface, testers actually felt confident enough to hop on one foot and even dance. Wearing the shoes allow you to walk normally instead of resorting to a cautious shuffle.

The Arctic Grip compound is a special compound that is applied to the soles of the shoes. You can now purchase footwear that comes with compound pre-applied. Vibram has worked with several footwear companies including Hush Puppies, CAT, Wolverine and UGG to cover a wide range of footwear from hiking boots to casual shoes. If you have a favorite pair of shoes and you would like to have Arctic Grip applied to it instead, you can have it done at selected Vibram approved cobblers.

However, shoes from Vibram’s partners with the Arctic Grip technology do have an added advantage. These shoes combine both Arctic Grip and Icetrek technologies to provide the best grip under both wet and dry ice conditions.

The Arctic Grip technology is unfortunately not flawless. It works best when the compound is in direct contact with the icy surface. When the areas treated with the compound is covered by dirt or snow, you lose the grip as well. Last but not least, the Arctic Grip layer does wear out after about 200 to 250 miles of walking distance.
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