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Do you keep fumbling with the tiny buttons on your phone screen? Do you wish you have daintier fingers? Well, we can’t make your fingers smaller. But if you have fat fingers or if you wear gloves, Chubby Buttons are made for you.

The user interface on your phone is not designed with glove wearing users in mind. The controls are tiny and capacitive touch screens don’t work with most gloves.

The designers of the Chubby Buttons are action sports enthusiasts who had problems controlling music playback on their phones while wearing protective gloves. So they came up with a wearable set of huge buttons that are easily accessible when wearing gloves.

The remote bottins connects via Bluetooth to your phone. They work with both wireless and wired speakers and headphones. The five buttons allows you to remotely pause and play tunes, skip tracks forward or backward, turn sound up or down and even take selfies remotely.

Not only are the Chubby Buttons easy to press, they are also designed for all weather use. They are water resistant and can be used on rainy days or on snowy mountain tops. You can even bring it with you into the shower.

With this device, you can leave your phone in your pocket or backpack. That means not exposing your phone to harsh weather conditions. It also means that your phone battery will last longer under extreme cold conditions.

You can wear the Chubby Buttons on your arm with the included armband. Or you can stick its nano-suction backing on any relatively flat surface like a car dashboard, a mirror or a bathroom tile.
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