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First of all, HiddenRadio2 is not a radio. But it is an update to the original successfully Kickstarter funded HiddenRadio that did come with a radio feature. We have to admit that it is probably a good idea to get rid of the radio that nobody uses although it does leave the product with a rather confusing name.

HiddenRadio2 is a wireless Bluetooth speaker that connects and plays audio from a Bluetooth enabled player like your smartphone or tablet. It sets itself apart from other Bluetooth speakers on the market with 2 features. The first is an update of what made the original HiddenRadio a hit among Kickstarter backers, when activated, the outer shell rises up slowly to reveal the neodymium dual speaker system hidden underneath. Unlike the original version that required you to twist the cap to lift it up, the new version is motor driven. Yes, it is a gratuitous feature but boy does it kick up the cool factor by a few notches.

The second feature is new to HiddenRadio2. You can now link up 2 speakers and pump out your audio in stereo. Alternatively, you can place the 2 speakers in 2 separate rooms and use the new Multipoint feature to have music playing in both areas simultaneously. This feature is somewhat similar to Sonos speakers but the distance between the 2 speakers is limited by Bluetooth range.

Another significant update to the original design is the introduction of touch controls at the top of the speaker cap. A gentle tap turns on the speaker and raises the cap. Other touch controls supported include pausing and skipping tracks. Running your finger around the edges of the cap controls the volume. You can even use it to activate Siri. Again, a really cool feature.

The rest of the features that made the original HiddenRadio one of the highest funded Bluetooth speaker project are still there. For a speaker its size, the speaker delivers great highs and bass. Loudness has been bumped up an extra 10 dB to 90 dB. Sound is pumped out in 360-degrees from the dual speakers.

It can be used as a speaker phone as it comes with a fairly good noise cancelling microphone and it works great for movie nights or even for a spot of gaming.
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