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I think each of us here have at least a number of multi-tools, keychain tools, card tools and even phone cases that can double up as a bottle opener. And yet we still find ourselves strangely attracted to the Original Snake Bite, a handy forked church key and bottle opener. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, a church key is a tool for opening beer bottles and cans. Church keys have a hole puncher on one end for punching holes into beer cans. This is because the original beer cans did not have pull tabs like they do today.

The Original Snake Bite has a double fork puncher that looks like the fangs of a snake. While we no longer need a beer can puncher to drink from a can, punching extra holes to the can does make the beer flow out easier because it vents the can. Venting eliminates the amount of air you consume when drinking from a can plus it makes it easier to pour out a can of beer into a glass.

Unlike the traditional church key, the same end of the Original Snake Bite puncher is also used for opening bottles. This is actually a better design as the traditional design requires holding on to the sharp puncher end when opening bottles with the other end.

The Original Snake Bite is 100% sourced and made in the USA from the stainless steel used for the tool to the vegetable tanned leather covering to the military grade gun holster eyelets and hard-drawn steel split-rings. The Original Snake Bite is currently seeking funding via its Kickstarter project page. If you are interested in getting your very own church key, head on over.

One last piece of trivia. The church key got its name because of its similarity to the keys used by ancient monks to open the church. The irony is of course the more beers you open with a church key, the less likely you’ll be needing an actual key to enter a church.

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