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WASP – The Non-Lethal Weapon Mod for 9mm Pistols

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The WASP Personal Defense Weapon Accessory is a weapon modification that adds a non-lethal option to a 9mm pistol. However, it does not impede the function of the firearm. If necessary, the pistol can still be used to fire lethal rounds with no additional action required.

In a nutshell, WASP turns your 9mm firearm into a dual-use personal defense system. It adds a high-impact first round that is less lethal than a normal gun shot. However, the high-impact round is still damaging enough to disable a would-be attacker. Should you fail to stop the attack with that first shot, the firearm will seamlessly and immediately fire standard 9mm ammunition. It does this without further setting or modification.

The weapon mod is catered for those who want the assurance of a non-deadly first round. There are off course fully non-lethal self defense weapons like a Taser. However, that would mean carrying two weapons at the same time. This is definitely not ideal in the event of an emergency or attack. Hence the WASP provides both functions in a single device.

It must be noted that a standard 9mm pistol with a WASP attachment is quite a bulky combination. This is not a weapon that you carry with you at all times or even one that is kept in a handbag. This is more suited to stored in a weapon drawer to be used when needed.

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WASP Weapon is a firearm accessory designed to convert your pistol into a dual-use personal defense system. The WASP weapon accessory offers the user the option of using "less-lethal" force before resorting to the lethal force of a fully functional firearm,

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