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Gentlemen’s Hardware Tool Kit: EDC on a Keychain

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EDC or Everyday Carry. Essential tools you carry with you all the time. Tools that help you face everyday challenges. Do you have one? If you don’t, one good way to start is with the Gentlemen’s Hardware Tool Kit.

The Gentlemen’s Hardware Tool Kit starts you with the essential basics. It has both a crosshead (Philips) and flat screwdriver. It also has a bottle opener (a must have for any EDC kit it seems), a multi-hex wrench, an LED light, a cash stash and last but not least, a carabiner clip to hold everything. Just clip the carabiner to a bag or belt.

The entire kit comes in a neat looking metal box. All the tools are high quality and mainly made from stainless steel.
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Be at the ready at all times with this Gentlemen's Hardware Tool Kit 6-Piece EDC set. Ideal pocket-sized accessory for all your tooling needs.

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