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The Ninja in Your Wallet


Looks like the PocketMonkey has a little competition in the form of the Wallet Ninja 16-in-1 Pocket Multi-Tool. The Wallet Ninja is another credit card sized pocket multi-tool that fits in your wallet.

The Wallet Ninja has a total of 16 tools including 3 different screwdrivers, 6 hex wrenches, can opener, bottle opener, ruler, phone stand, box opener, fruit peeler and letter opener. Strangely, it is missing a ninja throwing star or shuriken but it does have a cute drawing of a ninja.

It is made from heat treated steel and is TSA approved.

We attest to the fact that it is the size of a credit card and it does fit in our wallet. If you are caught in a situation that you need one of the 16 tools, the Wallet Ninja definitely comes in handy. However, if you have a toolbox or an actual tool with you, you should probably use that instead of the Wallet Ninja. The tools all work but some are kinda limited. For example, it is hard to put a lot of torque on the wrenches and the ruler is only 2 inches long.

On the other hand, should the situation arise where one of the 16 tools does come in handy, the looks on your friends and family as you whip out your Wallet Ninja and remedy the situation, is priceless. Kinda like a MacGyver moment.
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