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IoT (Internet of Things) make everything smart and connected to the internet. From TVs to self-driving cars. What we did not expect is smart wallpaper in the form of Nanoleaf Canvas.

The Nanoleaf Canvas is made up from square light panels that light up thanks to the built-in LEDs. Each panel measures about 6 x 6 inches. Connect and arrange the panels on your wall and you get an amazing light display.

While you can certainly light up an entire wall, it is going to be very expensive. The starter pack which comes with 9 panels including the all important control panel costs almost $200. Additional add-on panels that comes in packs of 4 cost about $80. Depending the size of the wall you wish to light up, it can potentially cost you thousands.

While the idea of an entire wall filled with Nanoleaf Canvas is certainly awesome, it can work very well as a light art installation. How you arrange the 9 panels on the wall is totally up to you. There is a helpful free app that allows you to design the configuration. The app even uses augmented reality to help you visualize how your design will look on your wall.

Besides lighting up in virtually unlimited colors and sequences, what else can the panels do? For one, the panels are touch sensitive. By using touch gestures, you can control the power, adjust the brightness and switch between light show sequences.

The Nanoleaf Canvas has a built-in mic. Switch on the mic and the panels will light up rhythmically in-sync with music or ambient sounds. Use the Screen Mirror mode that creates a dynamic light show that reflects what is shown on your movie or video game. You get a pretty dazzling light show that makes your movie or game that much more immersive.

Last but not least, the panels connect wirelessly with the internet. That means you can control them from anywhere using an app or via a smart device like Alexa or Google Home.
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