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2-in-1 Self Defense Coin Bag

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You never know when you might get yourself in a sticky situation. One that puts your life in danger. One that makes you wish that you have a weapon with you. A weapon like the Self Defense Coin Bag

As a coin purse, the Self Defense Coin Bag is made from high quality and sturdy leather. The zippered coin compartment holds quite a bit of change. Actually the more the better since the heavier it gets, the harder it hits.

When not in use, it can be fastened to your belt for easy carry. This also makes the coin bag easily accessible and deployed in an emergency. Would be snatch thieves eyeing your coin pouch will definitely get more than they bargained for if they have any funny ideas.
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The Self Defense Coin Bag is a zippered leather coin bag that also doubles up as a deadly bludgeoning weapon in an emergency.

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