Do you spend hours each weekend snipping out coupons from newspapers and magazines? Have you accidentally damaged your table top surface by putting just a little too much pressure while using a cutter? If you answered yes to either question, what you need is the Olfa Top Sheet Cutter.

Olfa is a Japanese company that has been designing and manufacturing cutters since 1931. The founder of the company, Yoshio Okada, is also the inventor of snap-off blade cutter in 1956 – a design that has been used by all cutters ever since. Yoshio Okada also invented the rotary cutter in 1979.

Like its name suggests, the Olfa Top Sheet Cutter is innovatively engineered to allow only a single, top sheet to be cut. It is specially designed for cutting coupons, newspaper and magazine articles, decal cutting or any other task where only the top sheet needs to be cut and preserving the layer underneath.

It has an auto-pressure mechanism that prevents over cutting even if more pressure is applied on the cutter. There is a setting on the cutter for easy selection of cutting thickness and can cut sheets up to 0.004″ (0.1mm) thick.


Where to Buy Olfa Top Sheet Cutter


Olfa Top Sheet Cutter

OLFA Top sheet cutter has an auto pressure control system that adjusts the cutting pressure used to cut on the top sheet or layer of material.

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