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Machetes are big heavy duty knives that are versatile and can be useful in many outdoor situations. After all, if you are going to sacrifice weight and space for a large tool in your gear, it better be worth it. Gerber is a name that is synonymous with survival. So when they come up with a machete like the Gerber Versafix Pro, you know they have your bases covered.

At just 14 inches long, the Gerber Versafix Pro is a little more compact than most other machetes. However, the blade itself is still 9 inches long which is plenty of cutting edge. The high quality blade is made from skeletonized stainless steel and etched to prevent it from getting stuck. The blade spine also features baton jimping.

The weight distribution is good and designed for hacking and slashing. It comes with a sheath with an easy push release tab. Removing the knife from the sheath is a one-handed operation.

For a tool that requires a lot of force while in use, the handle grip is essential. Again, the Gerber machete does not disappoint. The handle is made from a mix of rubber and polymer. It provides a good solid grip with that tacky feel which are hallmarks of a high performance grip.

Once again, we believe Gerber has come up with a winner. The Gerber Versafix Pro is a welcome addition to any survivalist’s arsenal of tools.
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