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Do you have a problem with storing your bike? Do you find getting your bike out of storage too much hassle? What you need is a bike hoist that lifts your bike to the ceiling for storage. What you need is Kradl. This bicycle ceiling mounting rack is a revolutionary bike storage system that requires no power or messy pulleys.

Bike hoists are a great way to free up storage space on the ground. It literally creates storage space for your bikes out of thin air. Most bike hoist or lift systems include a motorized lift or a pulley system to help you lift the bike. Motorized systems require running power cables along the ceiling while a pulley system has cables or chains that dangle everywhere.

A manual system may sound like regressing from a power lift. However, the Kradl works so well, there isn’t much difference in the amount of effort required from you. To lift your bike, just attach the simple harness to your bike. Then firmly push down the bike slightly and the hoist will do all the lifting work. Lowering the bike is just as hassle free. Just tug the bike gently and pull it down slowly.

What we like most about the Kradl is its compact and minimalist look. If you don’t have a garage, you can even install it in your living room. We think it won’t clash with the rest of your decor.

The ceiling mount bike rack comes in two versions. One for smaller and lighter bicycles up to 26 lbs and another for heavier bikes up to 40 lbs.
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