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If you are a cyclist, commuter or even a bike-share user, one of the biggest issue you will probably encounter is where do you store your helmet after you take it off? Because of this problem, some cyclists actually decide not to wear a helmet at all. According to statistics, some 83% of fatally injured cyclists did not wear a helmet. This is a very scary number and the primary reason why the Morpher Bike Helmet was invented.

The idea of a folding bike helmet is not a new one. If you do a simple search on Amazon, you will find lots of folding helmets. In fact, we have featured a couple of such helmets here on this site. However, most folding helmets only save less than 25% space when folded. It makes storage a little easier but doesn’t fully solve the storage problem.

What makes the Morpher Bike Helmet unique is the fact that it folds almost completely flat. This makes the folded helmet really easy to store as it will easily fit into a backpack, laptop bag or ladies’ handbag. The innovative design of the helmet allows it to be quickly collapsed by just pulling two tabs at the side of the helmet.

For safety and comfort, the Morpher Bike Helmet has an integral adjustable fit system that makes adjustments quick and easy. It fits head sizes between 52 – 58cm (20.5 – 22.8 inches). What we really liked is the magnetic chin strap that makes strapping on the helmet a cinch. Last but not least, the Morpher Bike Helmet is certified to the CPSC safety standard and has passed all relevant safety criteria.

There are a couple of problems that we found with the Morpher Bike Helmet. The first is that unfolding the helmet takes a little longer compared to folding it. There are these 4 clips that have to be snapped in place for the helmet to remain rigid for wearing. It takes about 10 secs to unfold the helmet.

The second and bigger problem is the price of the helmet. At about $150, it is many times the price of a non-folding helmet. On the other hand if you are not wearing a bicycle helmet right now because you have nowhere to store it, it is difficult to put a price tag on your safety.
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