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Most of us have multiple travel bags. Different sizes for accommodating different lengths of travel. Different types for different purposes. Having so many different travel bags is a hassle. They take up ample storage space when not in use. What we all need is a single bag that can be customized and transformed according to our needs. What we all need is the Adjustable Bag A10 from Piorama.

The Adjustable Bag A10 in an unassuming looking duffle bag cum backpack. Of course, duffle bags that can be strapped to your back like a backpack is nothing new. However, what makes the Adjustable Bag A10 unique is that it can be enlarged from its standard 31L storage capacity to 47L and further enlarged to a maximum of 62L.

In other words, the Adjustable Bag A10 can be your day bag, your weekend bag and even your travel bag for long trips. To increase the storage capacity of the bag, all you have to do is to release one or both the drawstrings on the ends of the bag and pull out the folded ends. This increases the overall length of the bag thus increasing its storage capacity.

When the bag is not in use, you can collapse the entire bag and scrunge it into a small ball (about 8 in x 8 in x 5 in) that takes up minimal storage space.

The bag comes with both a shoulder strap and dual backpack straps. Besides the straps, there are 3 handles on the bag. Why 3? The first is located at the center of the bag. The other 2 are slightly offset so that you will always be holding the bag at the center when you extend just one of the ends of the bag. Having 2 offset handles mean that it doesn’t matter which end you extend the bag, you will always have a handle at the center. This shows how much thought has gone into the process of designing this bag. Kudos to Piorama.

There are multiple storage pockets for organizing your stuff. The bag material and all zips are water resistant to keep your stuff dry in case the bag gets splashed or if you are caught in a light shower.

Between the 3 different sizes and the 3 different holding methods (shoulder strap, backpack straps and handles), the Adjustable Bag A10 has altogether 10 different configurations. This makes it one of the most versatile bags that we have ever come across.
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