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Wearable smart devices that keep track of your workouts and fitness activities are very popular nowadays. Not only do they keep track of your activities such as number of walking steps, heartbeat rate and run distance, they help prod users to keep up with their active lifestyles by uploading their stats to social media or tracking boards that compare their progress with others. However, the Moov Now takes activity tracking to a new level by not just tracking and monitoring but by providing you with real-time fitness advice like your very own personal fitness coach.

Moov Now does this by actually talking to you via your earphones through the app. Like a real coach, it will constantly edge you on, encouraging you to push just a little harder to beat your goal. It even warns you when it thinks that your current workout may expose you to injury such as high impact risks while running. Moov will even advise you on correcting your form by asking you to lengthen your stride as you run for example.

Moov Now is waterproof so you can you can use it with water based activities such as swimming. It will even detect the kind of swimming strokes you are using and to keep track of the number of laps you are doing. It can do all this tracking independent of your smartphone so you don’t have to keep your phone nearby. It will synchronize all the data it tracked with the phone once they are paired back together again.

Moov tracks your activity in real-time 3D. You can wear it on your wrist or on your ankle depending on the activity you are tracking. Two different straps are included with the device for this purpose. The straps are also elastic so they should fit all body sizes.

The accompanying app comes with all kinds of preset activities for both beginners and advanced users such as simple Walk to Sweat activities to Push to the Limit to really test your limits. Each exercise can also be adjusted or customized to your skill level.

Moov Now can be used to train for a wide range of activities that include walking, running, cycling, swimming, squats, push ups, jumping jacks and even cardio boxing.

For a tracking device that costs less than $80, the number of activities that it can track is quite impressive. Furthermore, the live coaching feature is not just a gimmick as the advice provided is quite helpful although it may get repetitive at times and the voice used does sound a little mechanical.
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