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We have been using the keychain to carry our keys for about forever but it is a far from perfect solution. Now, there is a better way to carry your keys and it is called the Orbitkey.

Think of all the frustrations with carrying a bunch of keys on a keychain. Firstly, they are noisy. I hate the sound that the keys make in my pocket. Secondly, how many times have you been poked by a key? Thirdly, if you have many keys on your keychain, finding the right key can be a nightmare especially in the dark. Last but not least, if you store anything else with your keys either in your pocket or in your bag, you risk getting them scratched.

These are some of our pet peeves but we’re sure you have yours to add to the list. The Orbitkey is a simple but elegant solution to the inefficient keychain. Not only does it solve all the problems listed above, it has some extra features of its own including the ability to customize its look and to add additional accessories such as a bottle opener and a USB storage key.

The Orbitkey works because it allows you to organize your keys by stacking them in order. It is easy to remember where each key is placed when they are stacked together and can be easily flipped out like the tools on a Swiss Army Knife. The leather strap not only looks good and is replaceable, it also serves to protect your items from being scratched by your keys. They also prevent you from being poked by your keys.

Orbitkey holds 2 to 9 keys including the optional accessories. Assembling the orbit keys takes less than a minute and it doesn’t require any tools. Last but not least, for keys that do not fit like your car keys for example, you can always make use of the optional key-ring attachment. This included attachment allows you to carry non-compatible keys like an ordinary keychain.

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