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Purists may consider it a blasphemy but with the Kangaroo mini PC, you can actually run Windows 10 not only on your iPad but on your iPhone as well. It doesn’t really let you install Windows on an iOS device but it lets you link up the mini PC to the iOS device using a feature known as OS Linx which then allows you to use your tablet or smartphone as both a display and a touch interface to control Windows 10.

The Kangaroo PC runs on an Intel Atom x5 Z8500 Processor and has 2 GB of RAM plus 32 GB of  eMMC for storage. This is about the same hardware configuration for many of the Windows tablets out there. Don’t expect performance comparable to a laptop with a Intel Core processor but this is a full fledge Windows PC that will run most Windows software including MS Office. Both Bluetooth and WiFi are built in. Most amazing of all, the device is so small and light, you can fit it into your shirt pocket.

The Kangaroo PC has HDMI output so it can be connected to a regular HDMI monitor or a flat screen TV. In fact you can have the display output on both a TV/monitor and an iPad at the same time as a secondary display. Definitely a very cool feature.

Other ports on the device include 2 USB ports (1 USB 3.0 and 1 USB 2.0) plus a microSD memory card slot that supports up to 128 GB. There is also a power connector for powering up the device but the Kangaroo PC also comes with a built-in rechargeable battery that is rated to be able to power up the device for about 4 hours. In other words, you can unhook power and connect the Kangaroo PC to an iPad as a display to use it as a truly portable Windows 10 PC.

Last but not least, they even managed to include a fingerprint reader on the device. This is a pretty handy feature as using biometrics to unlock Windows is definitely an easier task than typing out your password on a touch keyboard (although you can attach a keyboard to the computer).

The target audience for this device will be those who need a cheap but not-so-powerful secondary Windows 10 computer that can be hooked up to an old monitor or TV. Perhaps it can be a computer for the kids or senior users. It is also ideal to be used as a home theater PC. While it may be clunky to control a home theater PC with a mouse and keyboard, the Kangaroo PC’s support for an iOS device as a secondary display makes it the ideal controller.

Since it is a Windows 10 PC, it can also be used as a remote play device for Xbox One owners. The Kangaroo PC is a very inexpensive way to play your Xbox One games on another TV at home.
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