Finding the ideal tent is difficult as it involves balancing multiple factors that dynamically affect each other. All campers want the biggest space possible for comfort while keeping the weight as low as possible and yet at the same time the tent has to provide adequate protection from the environment. The Nemo Losi 3 Tent somehow managed to hit this magical balance of all 3 factors and it is not surprising that it has won many accolades and awards including Outside Magazine’s “Gear of the Year,” Backpacker’s “Best All-around Three-person Tent,” and Men’s Journal’s “Gear of the Year” award.

The Nemo Losi 3 Tent is the bigger version of popular Losi 2 Tent. By just adding an extra pound to the overall weight, the Losi 3 Tent manages to boost the space from 32 to 50 square feet and features an unbelievable 48 inch high ceiling. While it is advertised as a 3 person tent, you can easily fit 4 people comfortably in the tent due to the nearly vertical walls. With just 3 people, there is plenty of space for storing your gear.

The Losi 3P has two doors and two vestibules making it easy to move in, out and around. The included gear caddy provides lots of storage to stow tidbits. It takes about 10 minutes to set up the tent and there are plenty of extra options such as Footprint, Pawprint and Gear Loft to fit your requirements.



Where to Buy Nemo Losi 3 Tent


Nemo Losi 3 Tent

The Nemo Losi 3 person backpacking tent is the best lightweight, freestanding, 3-season backpacking and camping tent.

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