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Although the smartwatch seems to be currently the new must-have tech gadget, not everyone needs or wants a smartwatch. There are many reasons why not everyone has embraced the smartwatch. Battery life is still a big concern. Some don’t have an always on display (we’re looking at you Apple Watch), a feature that is strangely missing from a device that is supposed to replace your wristwatch. Others just prefer a mechanical watch over a digital one. The Chronos is a device that turns any watch into one that has many features of a smartwatch thus addressing many of the problems that plague the smartwatch.

The Chronos is not a smartwatch. It is more of a smart disc that attaches to the back of your existing classic watch. Like a smartwatch, it connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. It has no display but it can send you alerts via vibrations as well as a light alert by lighting up the colored LEDs mounted along its edge. The vibration and light pattern can be customized as a way for you to tell what kind of alert it is or to even indicate who is calling.


Other smartwatch-like features include a motion sensor for activity tracking and counting steps. The same motion sensor can be used for tracking inputs via taps on your watch face. With it you can use your watch to control music playback on your phone, silence calls or use your watch as a remote shutter control for your phone’s camera. It also has a rechargeable battery that can last up to 36 hours.

The Chronos smart disc can be easily removed and transferred to another watch. This makes it ideal for those who own a watch collection and often swap watches to fit the occasion. The disc should fit on most watches as long as the back of the watch is relatively flat and smooth. However, it does add an extra 2.5 mm (0.1 inches) to the overall thickness of the watch.

With the Chronos, you can enjoy the more useful features of a smartwatch while keeping your existing watch. For us, we think its biggest advantage is that should the battery run out, you will still be able to tell the time.
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