The Mighty Wallet might not look like much. In fact, it looks like it is made from super thin cheap plastic but try tearing one and you will understand where the moniker “Mighty” comes from. Mighty Wallets are made from a single folded sheet of unbelievable strong material made from micro fiber known as Tyvek. If you have ever tried in vain to tear up a courier envelope, know that this is the very same material that is used to make the Mighty Wallet.

Besides being virtually tear proof, Tyvek is also water resistant and is 100% recyclable. The Mighty Wallet has no stitching and comes in dozens of different design ranging from pop culture designs such as DC Superheroes and the Simpsons to designs featuring famous artwork. With so many designs available, you can no doubt find one that fits your taste or of a loved one.

The Mighty Wallet is long lasting and although over time if will gradually show signs of wear, it will never tear.



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Mighty Wallet

The mighty wallet is tear-resistant, water-resistant and recyclable. Made from tyvek, these cool wallets resist tearing because of interlocking fibers.

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