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This is a problem that plagues only passengers who fly coach which unfortunately means at least 90% of all air travellers. The armrest between the seats is only wide enough for one arm and whoever gets into the seat first is usually the one that gets the armrest space. The other unlucky sod will either have to cross his arms and rest his hands on his lap for the duration of the flight. Unless of course if the armrest winner had to use the restroom which then allows the loser to “conquer” the armrest for the remainder of the flight. Air travel need not be so stressful with armrest wars. Create a win-win situation with the Soarigami armrest extender.

Rather than fighting over who gets the armrest space, the Soarigami armrest extender divides the armrest into two plus create extra space so that both you and next seat neighbor can each have your own armrest space. To use it, just unfold it and place it on the armrest.

The bottom of the Soarigami has winglets to securely clamp over the plane’s armrest to prevent it from moving or slipping off. Just pinch the snaps at the top and it mounts securely to the armrest and will not move even if only one side of the armrest is in use. Removing it is just as easy and it folds flat for easy carry.

You can easily pop it into your carry on and it takes up minimal space and is very lightweight. When in use, it has a slight wedge shape similar to a paper airplane. You should place the narrower end closer to your body so that it doesn’t cut into your sides.

The Soarigami fits most armrests that are 0.5 inches to at least 2.75 inches in width. It also works with other kinds of seats that have shared armrests like stadium and cinema seats. End armrest wars. Share armrest space with your seat neighbor instead. It is also a great way to break the ice between the both of you.
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