Powered by a 12.0 Volt Die-Hard Lithium-Ion battery, the Craftsman Autohammer with Articulating Head is the must-have power tool for the handy man. The articulating head allows you to drive nails using the standard 90 degree position, a more versatile 45 degree for those hard to reach places and ultimately, you can set it 0 degrees to nail straight up. Autohammers can drive nails in tight spaces where you cannot get enough striking force but it works perfectly under normal conditions as well.

The articulating head is not the only innovation of this Craftsman Autohammer. This hammer also has a Nextec quick boost charging system that charges up the quick charge battery to 25% in just 3 minutes. Furthermore, it has a built-in bright LED light that brightly illuminates the area you are nailing. The powerful motor drives both common and finishing nails at a incredible 3,600 impacts per minute but stops at an instant as it has an electric braking system that activates the moment you release the trigger giving you perfect control.



Where to Buy Craftsman Autohammer with Articulating Head


Craftsman Autohammer with Articulating Head

The Craftsman Autohammer articulating head allows you to drive nails using 90° position, 45° for those hard to reach places and 0° to nail straight up.

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