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Ever since the first mass produced drones became available for sale, we know it wouldn’t be long before someone makes drone versions of the famous Star Wars space ships especially the Millennium Falcon, the most iconic ship of all. It wasn’t long before we started seeing models built by enthusiasts and soon, official Star Wars drones started appearing including one Millennium Falcon Drone that we reviewed here.

That particular drone although impressive and quite fun was a bit lacking because it didn’t look a lot like the real thing because of the four holes that house the propellers. On top of that, the design of the ship wasn’t very detailed. We hungered for more. Propel has heard our rumbling and we may have finally found the Millennium Falcon Drone that we have been looking for.

Firstly, the Propel drone looks absolutely gorgeous with awesome hand-painted details covering the ship plus LEDs that light up the ship at all the right places. The attention to detail doesn’t just stop at the drone itself. The packaging is equally impressive and displays the model beautifully. You may not even want to remove it from the box. When you finally find the courage to open the box, you’ll hear Han’s familiar voice boasting about the Falcon’s Kessel Run.

The drone itself has no holes and the drone propellers are mounted at the bottom. When not in motion, the propellers do break the illusion of a floating, flying Millennium Falcon but once flying, the clear propellers can hardly be seen and the illusion is quite convincing.

The Propel Millennium Falcon Drone features stabilization aids for beginner flyers while pros can disable them for more challenging flights. The fun doesn’t just stop at flying your Falcon around. The drone come equipped with lasers for space dogfights with other drones from Propel’s Star Wars line up which also include the X-Wing, Vader’s TIE Advanced and the Speeder Bike.

Get hit by an opponent’s laser and the controller will rumble. Get hit 3 times and your drone will slowly spiral to the ground in defeat.

The Propel Millennium Falcon drone is obviously not an ordinary toy. It is a high end collectible model and has a price tag to match. However, if you want a faithful drone version of the Falcon and you don’t have the time or skills to build you own, this is your best bet yet.

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