Flashlights are one of those items that are often forgotten until you really need one. When you finally do need one like when the power goes out for example, how many of you have gotten into the situation where you can’t remember where you kept the flashlight or only to find that the batteries in the flashlight have died? Well, the Trioh Flashlight is designed to address this problem and the keyword here is “design”.

To prevent you from misplacing the Trioh Flashlight, it has such a sleek looking design, you won’t be hiding this flashlight in a drawer or a toolbox. The Trioh will blend right in with the rest of your furniture. Just connect it to its equally sleek-looking base and leave it somewhere where you can conveniently find it.

The Trioh’s base keeps the Trioh Flashlight’s rechargeable batteries fully charge at all times. No more scrambling in the dark looking for batteries for the flashlight. The Trioh’s batteries are charged using an inductive connection. This means you just simply drop the Trioh on the base to charge. No messing around with cables and connectors.

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Trioh – The World’s Most Beautiful Flashlight

The Trioh! is designed to be displayed and because of that it’s instantly more useful. No more searching for the flashlight when you need it.

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