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I love cooking. And I cook all kinds of cuisine from Japanese to Italian to Thai to Indian. That also means that my kitchen cabinet is filled will all kinds of herbs and spices. That literally means dozens of tiny jars. Without a properly organized kitchen, looking for that one spice that I need can get very time consuming. Worse still, not being able to find what I want can lead to buying stuff that I already have and food wastage. If you have a small kitchen and limited storage space, one of the best ways to store and organize your spice jar collection is to use Magnetic Spice Jars.

Magnetic Spice Jars come with magnets either on the bottom of the jar or on the lid. The magnets allow you to stick your jars to the side of your fridge. While the magnets are usually pretty strong, from my own personal experience, I would advise against putting them on the fridge door. A fast swinging door and the impact when it closes may cause the jar to fall off and the last thing you want is a broken jar of spices all over your kitchen floor.

I love the versatility and visibility that the jars provide. I can arrange them in any way that I like. For example I can have my most used spices at eye level. I can group the spices; for example Indian spices in a group and herbs in another. Or you can get creative and arrange the jars by the color of the spices or position them artistically, like in one of the photos above. Some of the jars even come with pre-printed labels for the most common spices. However, since you can easily see what is in the jar, I find this totally unnecessary.

If you really want to, you can even turn your existing spice jars into Magnetic Spice Jars. You can find tutorials online showing you how to do it. However, since you can buy sets of jars for less than 2 dollars each, it probably makes more sense to just replace them. I have several types of jars that I bought over the years but my current favorite are the stainless steel ones (see below) with the clear lids and the sift and pour openings. These allow me to quickly add a dash of spice without even opening the lid.

Magnetic Spice Jars

Even if you don’t have a large spice collection, there are plenty of other uses for these jars. You can use them to store dried beans, nuts or small dried fruits. You are not limited to just the kitchen either. Some people use the jars for storing nuts and bolts and other small pieces of hardware.
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