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Do you use a streaming media box or device like the Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV or Roku? Do you find yourself juggling multiple remotes to switch shows, adjust the volume or to turn the TV on and off? Well, with the Sideclick Remote, you can finally consolidate all your remotes to just one that controls (almost) everything.

Prior to this, I did have a single remote – I strapped my Roku remote to my TV remote using a couple of rubber bands šŸ˜€ This solution kinda worked if I ignored the numerous times that I had accidental button presses due to having buttons on both sides of the remote. I have to admit the the Sideclick Remote is much better solution. It is basically a leaning remote with a special clip on attachment for the steaming media box remote. There are different versions available that are designed to fit the remotes for the Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV, NVidia Shield and the Google Nexus.

The remote comes with 8 programmable buttons that can be used for controlling any IR device. This includes the TV, cable box, or AV receiver. To program the buttons on the Sideclick, you require the original remote. It is a learning remote that is really easy to set up. If you already have the other remotes with you, it should take no longer than 5 minutes tops to complete the setup.

While you are able to learn commands from multiple remotes, you are limited to just the 8 buttons. For example if you program the on/off button for powering your TV, you cannot use the same button for powering your cable box for example. The Sideclick is realistically meant to pair your media box remote with your TV remote. For that purpose, it works really well. Most of the time, I will be using my Roku remote when I’m in front of my TV. However, I will occasionally require the TV remote for powering it on and off, adjusting the volume and changing the TV input source. I did find myself no longer requiring my TV remote.

On the other hand, if you have a more sophisticated and complex setup, you probably require a more complete solution such as a Harmony remote or the Caavo Cotrol Center for example. The Sideclick may not have all the bell and whistles of a Harmony but It is a low cost solution that works well for most people.

The only other real problem I have with the remote is that it makes the remote much wider. I have small hands and it is not easy to access all the buttons single handedly.

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