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The hunt for the perfect spice bottle organizer is an on-going thing in my kitchen. It is not an easy task to balance between easy access to all your spices, and making full use of available cabinet space. The Caddy Cabinet is not 100% perfect but it is very close to striking the perfect balance between the two.

The Caddy Cabinet uses a quite unique pull and rotate mechanism to double stack your spice bottles and making better use of your kitchen cabinet’s depth. The swiveling shelves give you full and easy access to all your stored spice bottles. While you use the cabinet for storing other kinds of items such as medication bottles, supplements or even cosmetics, the shelf width is only about 1.5 inches so it won’t fit wider bottles.

The swinging mechanism is actually quite practical. Just lift the tag cum handle and pull the cabinet out, then swing towards the other cabinet. No assembly is required out of the box. Just fill up the shelves, place the spice organizer in your kitchen cabinet and you are good to go. The only thing you may want to do is fill in the ID tags on the front of the shelves so that you can easily identify which shelf contains what.

The Caddy Cabinet is made up of a pair of vertical shelves. Each shelf has 2 levels and each level holds 5 regular sized spice bottles or 10 small sized bottles double stacked. The overall size of the cabinet is 10.75 (H) x 5.25 (W) x 10.75 (D) inches. It should fit most kitchen cabinets and by getting a few of these does make very efficient use of your cabinet space. Of course, the efficiency depends a lot on your kitchen cabinet size. If you have very deep or very high shelves, there may be a lot of wasted space so your mileage will vary. So measure your space before buying.

This would have been a perfect product if the depth is adjustable to accommodate more bottles and make better use of cabinet depth. Alternatively, this product can come in multiple sizes to fit different cabinet sizes.

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