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A set of colorful markers would seem like an odd pack-in for a tablecloth. However, with the Doodle by Stitch Tablecloth, it is a match made in heaven. You see, like its name suggests, the Doodle by Stitch Tablecloth is designed to be doodled on. Grab one of the included fabric markers and doodle, draw, scribble and leave personal messages on the tablecloth to your heart’s content.

When you have filled up the Doodle by Stitch Tablecloth or if you are bored with your current doodles, just flip it over and you have another surface to continue your masterpieces on. And once that is filled up as well, just throw the tablecloth in the washer. The fabric marker markings wash out at 104 ºF /40 ºC. Dry it out and you have a brand new blank canvas again.

Two tablecloth sizes are available, 71 by 59 inches and a larger 95 by 59 inches. Both tablecloths feature grid lines with red margin lines on one side and a blank surface on the other. The tablecloth is constructed from top quality 100-percent cotton and is smooth to the touch.

There are tons of creative uses for the Doodle by Stitch Tablecloth. It can be a big hit at the next kids party. Just leave out packs of Doodle fabric markers and let the kids have a blast. You can use the tablecloth to leave messages for family members that you can be pretty sure that they won’t miss. For restaurant owners, the tablecloth makes a great place for the menu or daily specials.

Additional Doodle Wash-Out Fabric Pens can be purchased as well once the initial set dries out. Matching Doodle by Stitch place mats are also available.
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